Partnering Business Model

  • We are obliged for the interest you have shown in becoming our respected franchise.

  • Low Investment, High Profit : Can you think of starting any business with low investment? That too a white collared respectable business? Where returns are not limited? Just think!
  • Minimal Infrastructural Requirements : Area requirements are around 300 sq. ft for Chanakya Power Education and 2000-2500 sq. ft. for Chanakya Kids School. This can be started from home too.
  • Negligible overheads : Not much is required in terms of staff, rentals etc.

  • We are 100% Confident that with the root level support which we extend to our franchises, they are bound to get success in business. We believe that as a franchiser it's our duty to make you profitable. So if you fail, that means we have failed and hence we don't deserve to charge you money.

  • Academic materials and pedagogy designs shared across all franchise on singular standards

  • Marketing supports from the initiation process, Set up and operational stages

  • Constant review and constructive communication systems with all our franchise for constant excellence in all areas of business..

  • Profit starts from first month: You sign today and your first income will start before the month ends. 200% to 800% profits: Unbelievable? We have included "Do it yourself" option in it. You can work out your profits, yourself.

  • Economic independence: whether you are a housewife/ working professional/ striving entrepreneur or a day dreamer. This franchise enables you set up your own small little business with safest harbors, small savings and exponential returns.

  • Need not to leave your present job/business: The business works on Sundays (rest of the week we spend on marketing). You work for few hours on Sundays and you earn more than what you are getting now, after working for the whole month. If you take it full time, income increases manifold.

  • Greater good: an esteemed contributor to society though shaping young minds and Joy of being instrumental in noblest of professions.

  • The secret of our success is listening and responding to our patrons'requirements and issues through constant research and inventions. This success createstremendous pressure on all the persons who are directly or indirectly involved in performance of this company. Please feel free to share your ideas, opportunities, growth and futureand get all your queries answered with the following form.

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