About Us

Our Vision

To provide International standards of education and become leaders in the field of progressive education keeping the roots with traditional education system. Children can achieve fullest in their academic creative personal, ethical, physical and spiritual development making them a confident being.

Our Mission

To develop the new generation with active minds, a sense of understanding, compassion towards others and the courage to act upon their beliefs. We work on enhancing the overall development of each child. We also believe on working towards the progress of the children empowering them with the right blend of modern and traditional values of education.

Our Team

We have a team of qualified, experienced, fully equipped, trained and highly dedicated staff members that believe in taking utmost care for the holistic development of children. Their knowledge is updated on a regular basis and we have mentors who provide feedback and solutions to any child related problems that may arise in the process of child's learning. Our team believes in adapting the change as and when needed which can benefit themselves and the society.

Our Methodology

We believe that foundation for successful careers is laid down at a very young age. Therefore at Chanakaya we make sure that the child's mind is nurtured perfectly in its formative years and is exposed to the right mix of fun and education keeping in mind the traditional methodology of education. Here the child is taught to work on the development of his/her physical, mental, ethical, emotional and spiritual acumen.

ABACUS Mental Arithmetic System

Chanakya Power is into Franchising and Training of Advanced Mental Arithmetic Programs designed for children in the age span of 4 yrs to 14 yrs where adapting new skills is easy. All the Chanakya Power Programs are designed with scientific brain management techniques which unveil the infinite potential of the Human Brain Development using Mental Arithmetic as a medium and ABACUS as a tool.

The Concept

We focus on training children to use their Right Side of the Brain for calculations enabling them to calculate mentally. After a few months of training a student can start solving equations like 383 X 67 =? & 3868/289 =? etc. without suing any pen, paper or a calculator and can mentally resolve the problem and get the right answer to it! With our Mind Training program these sums, that have baffled you so far, can be solved in seconds. Even an 8 year old child can solve such sums in just 10 seconds and that too without using any of the external aids like calculators. Hard to believe, but true!! This is what we are into and this is what we wish to deliver to the growing minds and empower them. Whole ABACUS Mental Arithmetic System can bring a revolution is the world of mathematics.

Our Programs

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